Regarding the creation of a new bathroom or renovating the current, nothing causes a perfect impression than the tiles, whether on the floor, in the shower or when you use them for decorative purposes, such as a backsplash (baderomsinnredning) . But with so many options available on the market in almost every color, finish, size and shape, it’s no surprise that you get overwhelmed when choosing the right bathroom tile. Fortunately, by considering some things, you can make a list of available options and make the final decision.

Here are the golden tips for choosing the right bathroom tile.

Monitor the size of the space.

When visit a tiling shop, you will find that tiles, whether ceramic, marble or porcelain, are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. While store experts suggest choosing large sizes because they create fewer grout lines and create more continuous surfaces, you should check the size of your bathroom (varmtvannsbereder) . Compare your options and select a size that fits your area, your taste, and your decor.

Choose options that create a consistent look.

You will notice that many bathrooms have different tiles while creating an appearance and a feeling of cohesion. When you choose, limit yourself to three different types of chips. Primarily, if you have a small space, many types of mosaics, colors and sizes will seem daunting. Therefore, make your choice accordingly.

Go to natural colors.

It has been observed that homeowners choose neutral colors on the floors because bright colors will draw more attention downwards. A natural floor option will function as a neutral floor, giving you more options to test more colors in other areas.

Focus on the texture

The tiles in your bathroom should be cleaned frequently. Glazed smooth tiles are easy to clean, but they can also be slippery. It is always recommended to choose textured tiles for the floor and shiny tiles for the walls (dusjkabinett) . You will find tile options available in the large varieties in the stores. Therefore, choose accordingly.