Choosing the right CCTV systems

If you have browsed over the CCTV brochures, you must have realized that we have a lot of options with varying features and prices in the market to choose from, the wide variety of CCTV surveillance cameras in the market make it challenging to buy the best options for your home or business (cctvbuilder). Below are tips to help you choose the right one for your situation.

Cheap is expensive

Don’t be confused by the low price tags at the expense of quality. Don’t be attracted to a particular type of CCTV due to its low price without looking at its features ( Buying security cameras from a reputable company will go a long way to save you a lot of money than just buying from unbranded companies that make substandard cameras.


The second thing you have to look at when buying a CCTV camera is the warranty. Ensure the manufacturer offers a warranty for a reasonable duration of time so that you can ask for a refund or replacement if something goes wrong in the future or the camera turns out to be faulty. A useful CCTV should come with a minimum of three years warranty and offer a free installation service or professional help.

Clarify camera type

We have 3 types of CCTV cameras that you must be aware of before buying on, we analog types, IP, and high definition type ( The prices vary significantly depending on the type of technology used.

Installation costs

This is another factor to look for when buying a CCTV camera system. Some system comes with free installation services which significantly cut down on the costs of installation.

Where to use

Some CCTV camera is suitable for commercial use while others Ares best for domestic use. It is essential to have this distinction so that you can make the right decision that suits your situation.